Access our website -

Click the Trading tab on the top of the website and choose MetaTrader 4

Scroll further down and below MT4 for Windows, click Download MT4, or click here

MetaTrader will download automatically onto your computer upon clicking the link. 

Click run/open depending on the browser you are using to start the installation process. 

Check out the Terms and Conditions and click Next

The software will initiate it's installation and once that is done, click Finish for your MT4 to  open automatically. (Kindly allow 1 to 2 minutes to load).

You can search for our servers by clicking on the plus icon

Type in: Hive Technologies LLC and click on the Scan button.

Choose HiveTech-Live or HiveTech-Demo. 

  • Choose Existing Trade Account.
  • Enter your MetaTrader Account credentials from the e-mail that we sent upon creating your Live Account
  • Click Finish

You are all set to start trading!