When using this method, you will be purchasing Bitcoin with your card through the third party and Bitcoin would be transferred to us.

Go to the Deposits section.

Select Bitcoin via the 3rd party platform as your deposit method.

Choose the Wallet you would like to fund.

You can now conveniently deposit directly into your trading account without the need for an internal transfer. Just click/tap on the "Platform" button under the Add Money To section.  Please note that this will only be visible if you have already created a trading account.

Enter the amount you would like to add.

Click on the Redirect me to the payment page button.

You will now need to create an account or log in to the payment provider's website. You may also be required to complete the Identity verification on their end.

You should now receive an email in your inbox. Click on the Complete My Deposit button to be redirected.

Once you are logged in and verified, please confirm your payment by clicking on the Buy Now button.

Follow the instructions provided by the payment provider to complete your transactions. You will need to enter information such as the Bitcoin address (generated by Hive Markets on your deposit request) and authorize the payment on the Your Account tab.