The offer allows you to collect a "fee" from your fund. When creating a fund you will see that offer will be set with no values. Therefore you can configure your own values of the fees you would like to collect.


  • Access the My Account tab and click on your PAMM Manager account.
  • Click on your fund.

  • Click on the Offers tab.
  • Click on the Create option.

  • Create a name for your offer.
  • You can set your offer as a Public by clicking on the box.

You can configure:

  • Trading Interval - frequency of charging fees.
  • Minimum Deposit - minimum deposit into a PAMM account.
  • Minimum Withdrawal - minimum amount of money that can be withdrawn from a PAMM Account. Excluding investor account liquidation.
  • Minimal Initial Investment - minimal amount of initial investment to join the PAMM Account. 

Performance Fee - fee depends on the percentage of profit generated. This section may be tiered. 

In the example below, a 0-50% profit return will cost the investor 15%. If the profit is 50% or greater, then the investor will need to pay 30%.

Manager Fee - fee depends on the equity that the investor added to the fund. This section may be tired and you may choose between setting values as a percentage and as money.

In the example below, when the investor would deposit $0 - $1000, a 20% fee is required. When the investor would deposit $1000 or more, a 12% fee is required.

It should be noted that by clicking on the symbol, you are able to change the fee from percentage-based to currency-based ($).

Deposit Fee - fee is based on the initial deposit. This section may be tiered. 

In the example below $0-10000 would require a 10% fee, whereas deposits from $10000 would require a 5% fee.

Click on the Create.