If you would like to keep engaged with how your trades are coming along, you are able to do so as an Investor. You are able to view these figures from the Money Manager's MetaTrader account.

Your Money Manager will need to share their Live MetaTrader account number and Investor Password with you so that you can log in with these credentials and follow along accordingly.

A Money Manager will be able to share this login information once they successfully create a Fund. 

Follow the steps below for further information on how to log in using the Investor Password:

 On the MetaTrader application, click on File.

Click on Login to Trade Account.

Type in the Live MetaTrader Account Number followed by the Investor Password provided to you by your Money Manager.

Select the server name: HiveTech-Live4.

Click on Login.

By selecting the Trade Tab in the bottom part of the terminal on the MetaTrader application, you will be able to view the trades carried out by your Money Manager.