When an Investor joins a fund with a Money Manager, it would be in their best interest to keep themselves informed with the ongoings of their funds.

With this understanding in mind, Hive Markets have implemented a feature where an Investor is able to generate a detailed trading report through their account.

Follow the steps below for further information on how to generate this Trading Report:

On your Hive Markets account, click on My Accounts.

Open the Investor's Account by clicking on the Gear Icon.

Select the Fund that you would like to proceed with.

Click on the Report button.

Select the Time Period that you would like to generate your report from. You are able to select specific dates from the calendar function.

You are able to select three different data options to include in your report:

  • Include detailed trade results
  • Include aggregated trade results
  • Include balance transactions

Click on Request to finish.

You will now be presented with a detailed report on your web browser.

If you would like to save the report, you can right-click on the document and select Save As.