Telegram is a messaging application that can be used on phones, tablets, or computers. Join our Telegram channel to be always updated with our latest promotions and campaigns.

To download and join our Telegram channel on mobile:

Open your App or Play store on your mobile and type Telegram in the search bar.

Tap on the Download/Get/Install button to download Telegram.

Open the Telegram application when installed.

Tap on Start Messaging.

Select country code and enter your mobile number.

Once ready then tap on the arrow icon to start adding channels you are interested in. 

You will see a new search bar.

Enter: Hive Official Updates.

Click on Hive Official Updates and you will be taken directly to our channel.

Tap the Join button to join the channel and be always updated with Hive Markets promotions and campaigns. 

After setting up the app you can also use the following link:

The link will take you directly to Hive Markets Telegram Channel.