If you are looking to see how you can sign up via SSO, please read the information below:


Go to the Hive Markets Website and click on the Sign Up button.

You will then see your Google account at the top of the page, click on that.  

This will take you to the Choose an Account page, where you will select which account you wish to go forward with.

If your Google account is already linked and you click on the account listed, you will be automatically logged in to your Hive Markets account.


If you need to sign in and your Google account is not linked, follow the below steps:

Click on the Use Another Account button at the bottom.

 Here you can enter the email address and password of the account you wish to use.

Click on the Next button. You will then be able to see your linked account at the top of the page.

Enter your personal details that are requested and once you are happy with that information, click on the "Create Your Account" button.